Back in Bratislava

It fabulous being back in Bratislava and working for International House again. Although the first few weeks have been extremely busy, there are a lot of good things which have been happening:

  • A really nice flat with a not so pale view of the hills.
  • Vyprazany syr.
  • Students talking about LARP, Sardinia and being in the military before the fall of the Iron Curtain.
  • Hruska.
  • Having our cats here and earplugs to use at night so as not to hear them.
  • Operas and concerts for less than 10€.
  • Sunsets behind Austrian hills and the Danube.
  • Meeting friends from five years ago.
  • A really supportive and helpful team of admin staff and academic management at the school.
  • The discovery of several vegetarian and vegan restaurants in a country of carnivores.
  • providing me with food after they had already closed, and it was yummy!
  • Being close to Vienna so I can visit the Perry Rhodan – Stammtisch again.
  • A colleague who is actually Vulcan … or maybe Romulan …
  • Snow.

NB: Mark has posted some pics with first impressions here.